I'm Web Developer, and I work in Varchin as CTO. varchin is an Online Store. although ecommerce is not very old in Iran, we try to find ways to provide better expriences for customers.

I have worked on different open source projects like Magento and Karamad Groupware that is a localized version of EGroupware project. I also contribute to the main project,

I graduated in hardware eng. from South Tehran Branch University. Although I don't believe in academic studies.

My town is Tehran and I'm a Persian.

this is my Head Store (Farsi), were I keep my cartoons.
this is where I try to take notes of what I've found interesting.

I believe in Free Content, Free Expression, Karma, Impermenance, ... (more later)

I Practice several kinds of Meditation, but my favorites are Shamatha and Vipashyana. You can learn about them here (Audio included), here and here.

I had managed to practice Kuk Sool Won since Jun 17 2007. I got to the point of Jah Ddi (brown belt) then but for some reasons gave it up. here you can see a picture (am the second one from the right).

I learned to play setar, a traditional Iranian musical instrument.


I like to work on php, javascript, actionscript, and games.
my hobbies are reading novels, music, studying computer science, linux, robotics, and games.
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